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Adult Community Arts Center Registration 

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The Suzuki principles of learning are that it’s never too early or late to learn any discipline of art, and "everyone can".

Adult programming at Scotia Suzuki School is broadening, and We add new experiences monthly. More programs and workshops are added every few months.  Join our  Adult Programming email list to know when new things come!  Whether you are interested in yoga, pilates, singing, playing an instrument, or trying out a cooking or art workshop, We invite you to join us.  Learn new skills,  move your body, make music, meet new friends, and enjoy being part of a community. 

"My ballroom dance class with my wife and our teacher Cole is the highlight of my week! I am already thinking about the next one when the class ends!" ~ Mark (55)

Contact us!

Please note that some classes could be full and have a waitlist. We keep all classes small.

Check classes for start times. Some classes run continually, some for 6-week sessions and some are a one time workshop to try something new. . 

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