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Adult Community Arts Center Registration 

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The Suzuki principle believes that it is never too early or too late to learn any discipline of art. 

The Adult  Community Arts Center provides a full spectrum of adult enrichment activities. Whether you are interested in yoga, pilates, dance, art, singing, playing an instrument or being in a club, we strive to provide many options, so our Adult Arts community members feel invigorated. 

"My dance class with Cole is the highlight of my week! When the class is over, I am already anticipating the next one!" ~ Mark (54)

"My doctor challenged me in 2023 to take up playing the ukulele and doing puzzles. I love my singing and strumming classes with Caleb, and I requested a puzzle club, and it's being added to the community center! They have gone the extra mile to make me feel welcome and help me with my artistic enrichment! I can't wait to take a Chinese dessert  cooking class with Shuling!"  ~ Margie (79)

Let’s Learn Together!

Please note that some classes could be full and have a waitlist. We keep all classes a small.

Check classes for start times. some classes run continually and some for 6 week sessions. 

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