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'The Encourager' who celebrates your child's musical triumphs.

Video Transcript:

Your Results "The Encourager":

Like the enthusiastic parents at the Wizarding World, you cheer on your child's musical triumphs by clapping and cheering. 

But being an optimistic parent can be tough when things don't go as planned. 


About Christy:

As a fellow practicing parent of three and a music teacher of 35-plus years, I created this quiz to help you understand your unique magic abilities as a parent. I understand the challenges and joys of parenting musicians after raising 3 very different children of my own. I get it, and we're in this together.


Why this knowledge is powerful:

Knowing your magical parenting style is powerful because now you can use this knowledge to level up your practices.  You can choose goals and how you will accomplish them based on things you will naturally be good at. That means you will be successful, and so will your child!



You've already shown your commitment to your child's musical education by taking the time to do this quiz - congratulations… you're here because you're ready to learn what to do next. 


As an "Encourager" parent, your next step is to master praising their efforts instead of their results and do what you already do naturally even better!

Here are the three things to think about:

First, focus on specific details in the process: this is when being completely present in their lessons and learning the smallest details the teacher is asking them to do and what success sounds like at each task. Then, point out those detailed efforts at home. 

Second, their perseverance: They keep trying until they get it and stick to it until it feels easy. 

Third: notice the habits they're developing. What are they doing easily now, without even thinking about it anymore, that last month or last year they found hard?

Think about these THREE things, and you’ve got this, and Hey, thank you for being an “Encourager” parent - the world NEEDS as many Encouragers as it can get! 

The next step:

Now, are you ready to put it all together and take the next step? If you're wondering what's next and how to leverage this information, I have a special one-time workshop – the "Level Up Your Music Practices in 2024 with Your Magical Style of Parenting." This FREE workshop is your chance to integrate your newfound knowledge and make 2024 a year of incredible growth and success.


Too often, we try to improve by doing something we read or see online or in our studios. Maybe it is something your teacher is asking you to do, or you read about. 


It is great to be inspired by others, but success comes from doing the right thing and not doing everything.  When you make goals that resonate with your natural, innate style, then you will have success. As you've discovered in this quiz from Practicing pro, you know your magical parenting style and, it is unique and powerful.  So now, instead of focusing on what you have read or seen others do, we will use YOUR specific strengths as an “Encourager” to your advantage. 


Free Workshop with Practicing pro:

Let's figure out the goals you can make in 2024 that are enhanced by your magical parenting style.  This FREE workshop is designed specifically to help YOU capitalize on your strengths. It’s all about aligning your natural tendencies with your goals, making sure that you see both quick wins now and then long-range results in your home music practices that you want. 


Let's continue working together! Click here to register for the free one-time workshop, 'Up-Level your Music Practicing in 2024'! 


I'll see you soon at the workshop – you've got this!


Christy, Practicing Pro 

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