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Added group classes and solo concerts / New 🎵Happymusichomes🎵 Challenge

ADDED Group Classes and Concerts! / NEW 🎵HappyMusicHomes🎵 challenge
In the last two weeks we have had over 80 soloists perform in Scotia Suzuki School online solo concerts. Audiences of over 300 family and friends have watching the concerts from as far as BC, China and even grandparents from Poland! Congratulations to all performers and their teachers and families on your hard work and dedication! Thankyou for bringing music into so many homes! You are always welcome to watch any of the concerts that you are not performing in. In place of the big May concert, we are announcing MORE new saturday group classes and We now have over 28 solo concerts on our school Calendar between now and the end of June . Ask your teacher when your next concert will be. Please make sure your pieces are a minimum of three months at a performance ready level. This way Your player will always have a positive experience and doing concerts will be something that brings them happiness and joy! The purpose of concerts is to make others happy😀 and to celebrate your accomplishments as well as to share what you love. A favorite piece your child plays their best and loves to play the most is the choice! Check your disciplines RED buttons for the added group times as well as the BLUE concert button for the added solo concert times. They will show up by next week on your Studio Helper. What is the NEW 🎵HappyMusicHomes🎵 Challenge? 🔨🧺🧹🧽🚽🧱🍳👩🏼‍🍳 Go to Instagram: @happymusichomes to find out!

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