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Last regular lesson days / Summer Lessons / Next years schedule

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Most students finish their last regular weekly private lessons the second week in June.  All students have 36 weekly private lessons for the year included in your tuition. If your teacher was away more than a few weeks then you might go a week over. If your teacher didn’t miss any days, or they rescheduled right away when they did, you might finish a week early. Talk to your teacher and/or look at your studio helper if you have any questions at all. 😀 What a wonderful year we have all had despite the quarantine! Did you know that your teachers worked so hard all March break to be online right away and not even miss one lesson? Thankyou amazing SSSM teachers, we love you!❤️ Next September’s schedule will be coming soon! Watch your inbox for your registration invoice, new  teacher, day and time for next year! 

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