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SSS news / July 2nd week 2017

DVDS The Bella Rose Concert DVDs are in. There are 8 left for sale at the office and i need to sell them all. Please help out if you can. They are $20 each. Its a great gift for Grandma😀


Its soon time for Institute – in less than a month. Its a full house of amazing faculty and big group of keen students this To help out students who need financial support to go to the institute and to raise money towards our pianos at the new school we will be busking at the following times in the upper parking lot at fPoint Pleasant Park. The times are just before the Shakespeare by the Sea shows and we will play the fiddle pieces and a few suzuki ones, from the past concert at the Bella Rose. Those attending can print a sheet to fill out that they attended that busking session and request to be considered for a institute bursary. You can send in a sheet every time you busk and go as many times as you can and make many applications. You can also just go to have fun and to support the institute and help raise money for the new school pianos.

Fri July 14 6-7 Carrie Sat july 15 12-1 Carrie Sat july 15 6-7 christy

Fri july 21 6-7 maia / luke Sat july 22 12-1 maia / luke Sat july 22 6-7 christy / luke

Fri aug 18th 6-7 andre Sat aug 19th 12-1 andre

PHOTOS Clara is coming to teach again this year at institute and this past year started a photograph business. She will be bringing her camera and be available for special photo sessions with your Suzuki players/families. Great for special photos for your book concert programs. You can email her for a photo session if you are interested. She took Elsa/Calebs engagement pictures that you can see on her site (many of you have asked about them and who took them😀) it was Clara!


Busking for NSSI Bursaries



Place and time of busking event:

Why you are applying for this bursary and what you like about attending the NS Suzuki Institute and what you liked about busking. (Filled in by the child in their own writing not the parents)

Teachers signature:

Please send to this address (postmarked) by July 24th Christy Hodder 6297 Lawrence Street Halifax, NS B3L 1J8

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