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SSSM news – Dec / 4th week

NEW MUSICAL THEATER / DANCE STUDIO If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out the new studio in the back corner of the school. ROOM 6. Mirrors, a sprung floor and Ballet barre. Elsa has been teaching up a storm this past month. Micayla taught step classes first term. Elsa will be taking over the step dance lessons now. She also is offering (with Caleb) ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and musical theater lessons…including a musical theater show choir doing LION KING this year! We are all looking forward to these new Suzuki discipline additions to our Concerts this spring!

END YEAR CONCERT AT BELLA ROSE – APRIL 21st Group dates and concert / rehearsal dates are on the Group schedules at Go to the student portal page and hit the RED button of your discipline. Important dates are always there. April 14 (6pm concert rehearsal in school hall) April 21 Concert (at Bella Rose)

MARK YOUR CALENDER – NATAL DAY PARADE – AUG 6th Be in Halifax this August 6th and March as a family in the Natal Day Parade in the Scotia Suzuki School group. Bring you instruments and we will play, sing and dance in the streets of Halifax! All disciplines will be represented. Families can come and pass out parade favors. All participants will wear a school shirt so You will need to register for this event so I can order you a shirt in your size and have it there for you. NS Suzuki Institute starts the next day and those in institute can march for no cost and wear your Institute shirt. The shirt is your to keep afterwards ofcourse! image1.jpegimage2.jpeg

CHRISTMAS PRACTICE TREES Bring those trees back to your teachers next lesson, full of hard work practicing/listening Yeah! Mark on the back any concerts you did. Ill put ONE present sticker under your tree for EACH concert you did for someone to make them happy over Christmas break! I cant wait to see all of your hard work – singers, dancers, pianists, violists, cellists and guitar players! I especially cant wait to see all of the gifts of music given. I have received quite a few videos of you playing for me already and have LOVED everyone of them. They are treasures! Thank you.

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