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SSSM news – Jan / 1st week

SCHOOL OPENS TOMORROW – Wed Jan 3rd Yeah! Back to school tomorrow! Lessons start for SOME students tomorrow but NOT ALL. Some teachers are still away. CHECK YOUR STUDIO HELPER PROFILE. Also some students have slightly different teachers, days and times. All have been contacted but its easy to make a mistake so PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK your Studio Helper Profile. Reminder in how to use your studio helper. 1) Go to Scotiasuzuki.org 2) OUR SCHOOL, drop down box STUDENT PORTAL 3) login name Your last name followed by your first name, no spaces and no capitals 4) pass word is Suzuki Use a Capitol S 5) CALENDAR tab, your class times and days are always updated there

SNOW STORM CLOSURES For all school policies on tuition, missing lessons, extra costs, expectations, snow removal etc.. for our school go to Scotiasuzuki.org to the our school drop down box and read the school policy page.

This is what it says for storm Days:

“Weather-related cancellations shall be at the discretion of the director. These will take into account whether Halifax schools and Halifax Transit is operating and whether the Maritime Conservatory is open. These cancellations will not be made up. Notification will be sent out by email for morning lessons (7:00am-12:00pm), afternoon lessons (12:00-3:00) and evening lessons (3:00-9:00). It will also appear on the top of the school portal page. If ever in question, take one minute and check Scotiasuzuki.org before leaving your house.”

100 DAY CHALLENGE FOR THE WHOLE SCHOOL Its New years resolutions time and after all of your hard work on your Christmas practice trees now we are all warmed up for the 100 day challenge! Its something you can do as a family too. For example: While your son practices everyday you can do 20 pushups everyday with him for your challenge. The 100 day challenge sheet is on the table at the school entrance. You can get started on it anytime or once you finish your tree. The rules are on the sheet. Once completed ill take your picture for the 100 day scrap book and you can choose something from the chest to celebrate! I have been shopping in Utah all break to fill the treasure chest! 😀🙌🏾 (100 day challenge sheet is in the hall black wire basket)

GROUP FIDDLE TUNE – YOU TUBE PRACTICE VIDEOS Luke and I made you all a practice track for your beginner, intermediate and advanced fiddle sets for this year. Enjoy practicing with them over the Holidays. ( REMEMBER – Senior players learn the intermediate and beginner sets. Intermediate players learn the beginner set.) Music for the fiddle sets, if you miss getting them at group, can always be found in the wire basket in the hall.

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