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SSSM news – January 4th week

Free Musical Theater Class on Friday / Save the Date Summer Camp / March Break Gaelic College trip / Shane Cook workshops and Concert this weekendFree Musical Theater Class this Friday Caleb is offering a complimentary Musical Theater Class this friday 4pm for 4/5 year olds and 4:45pm for 6/7 year olds. Contact the school to reserve a spot. Invite or tell a friend and we will give you a group lesson credit on your next invoice to say thanks! Video from a Musical Theater Class:

Save the Date! Summer Camp August 19-23rd New Camp announcement (and chicken surprises) are coming at the Shane Cook ConcertMarch Break Gaelic College TripThree SSSM Teachers head to the Gaelic College this March 23rdweekend as councillors. If you would like to send your students to this session we will be there to take care of them! Email me for more information.

Shane Cook Concert this weekend note: Drop you performers off at the main school entrance and a teacher will be there to great them. No parents back stage please unless you are volunteering. After students play they will be delivered to you in the audience so Save them a seat. Email me with any questions about the concert and CAREFULLY read the posters in the hallway😀👍

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