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Summer Lessons Registration

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Summer Private Lesson Registration Opens TODAY (Summer camp is full)

See the BLUE button below for link to sign up for summer private lessons,

Why are summer lessons so important? * Students who keep up their practicing in the summer, enjoy their music studies more and have better success for the coming year. * Keep up their practice habit. * Keep the "rusties away" so that starting again in September isn't frustrating. *Summer is a great time for a special project or to try something NEW!!

Summer lessons come in a 6 lesson bundle. After you register you will be sent an invoice and link to sign up for your spaces with your chosen teacher. Not all teachers are doing summer lessons. We suggest doing summer lessons with the new teacher you will be having for September if they are available. Everyone should have their day, time, and teacher already sent to you for September 2022.

Summer lesson ideas: Work on your sight-reading Learn a favorite movie theme song or pop songs Try some composing Play duets with your teacher Try some singing lessons Learn a hip hop dance Learn a new fiddle set!

NOTE: At the end of the summer, students can participate in the first concert of the year where they can choose TWO pieces to perform.

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