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Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE)

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The Scotia Suzuki School of Music, in Halifax, is now offering the Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) program for babies and toddlers with SECE teachers Caleb Allred, Elsa Allred and Christy Hodder.

Developed over thirty years, the SECE curriculum centers around a carefully-structured sequence of songs and activities. Children aged 0-4 years participate in weekly group classes with their parents, learning a wide range of musical skills. The program also focuses on the development of key social skills and physical and cognitive abilities, all in a fun and nurturing environment.


Following the Suzuki philosophy of education - often referred to as the “mother tongue” method - children listen daily to the CD of folk songs and rhymes. Parents and children naturally enjoy singing the songs and saying the rhymes together at home, as well as in the class. Through repetition and with the encouragement of parents and teachers, small children develop the ability to maintain a steady beat, play simple rhythms, match pitch with their singing voices, and steadily build their vocabulary. They also develop inner confidence and learn how to share with other children.

The SECE program is suitable for all children. The class environment intentionally offers a mixed-age group so that children will observe and learn from each other. The interaction builds bonds between parents and children that enhance their learning in later years.

Contact us to set up a free trial lesson.

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