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COVID – 19 up date Concerts / Lessons

Corona Virus – COVID – 19 update April 4th concerts postponed Studio concerts STILL ON Postponed April 4th concerts: As per the federal announcement sent out, events that host 150+ people are going to be postponed. April 4th concerts fall under his category. No worries about your tickets. Hang on to them. They will be honoured for the rescheduled concert at a later date.

Studio Concerts And private lessons will continue for now: As the studio concerts are 50 people or less, we have decided to keep them as scheduled for now and decrease their sizes. The extra small studio concerts with the same policies as lessons; wash your hands thoroughly upon entering the school and do not come to the school with a fever or cough. Do not come if you have been traveling internationally until after a full two week quarantine. This may change and we will keep you informed. We have creative ideas to keep the spirit of a concert to motivate and celebrate your home practice and hard work in this situation.

The decision to continue concerts (in what ever that looks like) is a decision to continue and support every day practice, normalicy, and to continue to celebrate the achievements of our students.

We are working on a school wide special practice project – so again stay tuned and know we have many ideas and are preparing for many scenarios to help all teachers and students in what ever situation to be success at learning and practicing.

To quote Dr. Suzuki, “where love is deep, much can be accomplished.” By caring for our community, taking care of ourselves, and maintaining high standards of performance, we hope that it’ll make your children feel as though things are as close to normal as possible through the upcoming weeks.

Again , we will continue to keep you all updated. We have advisors for the school active in medical professions in Halifax consulting with us. We all understand our investment in music and it’s importance especially in hard times. We will be creative as needed to keep your children learning and growing but still healthy.

Private Lessons: We have had requests for extra private lessons at the school as well as On line lessons for quarantined travellers to keep children making music and practicing “even more” while in isolation and with other activities on hold. Your teachers will contact you over the next few days.

As of now, March break private lessons that were previously arranged with your teachers will still happen at the school. Some have arranged on line Lessons for different reasons and though they are not ideal we are making it so that every family and every teacher can keep learning, practicing and being motivated.

Group classes: We will update you on this at a later time. Right now SECE classes are on hold for the next few weeks.

Pledge: We pledge to keep an informed, positive and creative mind set, at the SSSM over the next week and months to help you to keep healthy and continue practicing.

Watch for continuous updates.

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