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Come join us this July 17th-21st

“Art, Music & Dance Camp - Halifax”  is a multi-disciplinary summer camp week at the Scotia Suzuki School of Music & Dance. The camp is for ages 6-17 and runs from July 17th-21st, 2023 at 6141 Chebucto Road, Halifax. Each year there is a cultural element included in the camp.

“Art, Music & Dance Camp - Halifax”  is a place where students can come and increase their skills and performance levels in violin, guitar, piano, cello, fiddle, musical theatre, step dance, percussion, theory, hip-hop, and art. Choose your main discipline and then try some new things, meet new friends, and participate in a collaborative cultural project! 


Do you know what our cultural focus is this summer?
~ ASIA ~


Join us in July 2023, when we will enjoy working on main disciplines plus experience some music from "Mulan”, "Kung Fu Panda", and "Miss Saigon". We will also learn about traditional music, dance, and Asian culture from our special guests!


You won't want to miss a fantastic week of art, music and dance adventures.

Registration is now open. Classes in each discipline have limited enrollment availability and operate on a first-come basis.

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