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 Careers at the Scotia Suzuki School  


The Scotia Suzuki School of Music is Hiring for September 2024! In Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

SECE (Suzuki Early Childhood Education) Assistant - part time for 4 hours a week.

Cello -part-time, available to sub and teach on Saturdays. This position can develop into a full-time job in the future.

Piano -part-time, available to sub and teach on Saturdays. This position can develop into a full-time job in the future.

Suzuki Teachers must have a minimum of Suzuki Book 1 to apply or application made.

SECE assistant will do in-house training.

Who are we?

A group of Suzuki-trained teachers who work together to bring music education to families in Halifax at a higher level with support from each other. Students coming to the SSSM don't have one teacher, but many are all working together for them. Teachers train each other using their strengths and sharing their experiences. It's a fun place to work and a wonderful community for teachers.

Currently accepting applications!


When teachers start working at the school, they begin as associate Suzuki teachers. Once they understand how the school works and get into the routine of things, they can move to Suzuki teacher status. From their promotions to Lead teachers, Mentor teachers, Department heads, Artists in Residence and Artistic Directing jobs are available to apply for. Teachers are either subcontracted or employees. The SSSM is a school where teachers are constantly improving and growing and are given opportunities for growth.

How do I apply?

1) Fill out the application, including your current Suzuki training and your future training plans.

2) We will contact you, and if there is a position, we will ask for a resume and cover letter.

3) Send in two contrasting clips of you teaching a music lesson.

4) If available, send a dated video of you performing. (it doesn't have to be current)

5) We will contact you for an interview, and should you be a fit for an opening we will arrange for you to come to the school as a guest teacher and conduct an in-person interview.

How can I learn and grow as a teacher at SSSM?

Teacher Testimonials

"I had the pleasure of working at the Scotia Suzuki School the first year it opened. What I learned there has proven to be invaluable as my family moved away and I started my own music school in Texas. At Scotia Suzuki I was given the mentorship and support I needed to become confident in teaching the youngest musicians. I learned what it was to teach character and integrity. I learned what it takes to run a fiscally responsible and ethical music business. I expanded my network of colleagues and friendships. I will forever be grateful for my time at Scotia Suzuki and the lessons I learned there."

-Maia Bruce, Suzuki Cello Teacher/Cook

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