I’m Christy, the director of the Scotia Suzuki School Of Music.

When I am at the school or running a class for the school online - you will find me with the BIGGEST SMILE on my face because I love this place!

I am SO in love with my husband who is a paramedic, a mom of three married children, a grandma of gorgeous baby Daniel and three grandpuppies!

I feel that my purpose in life is to help and inspire others to achieve their potential. Right now it’s through the Suzuki philosophy of learning music in a strong Suzuki community. It’s also through free webinars I do for anyone in the world who I can help and inspire.

I run the Scotia Suzuki School of Music with my family, amazing Suzuki Teachers and staff. It’s a dream come true for me!

I love to help Suzuki families grow and find happiness through bringing music into their homes. I run the @happymusichomes on Instagram and facebook to help families feel inspired.

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