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Concert Details / Masking / Kenya School Project / Ms. Amy's Announcement / Sept & Summer Lessons

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Contents of this newsletter: Concert details / Masking / Kenya school fundraiser project / Concert Parking / Ms. Amy's announcement / September & Summer lessons

May 28th Concert Details & Masking

When: Senior and intermediate players arrive at 5:15PM Beginners arrive at 5:30PM Where: Performers are dropped off at the basement entrance on the Barrington Rd side of the Saint Mary's Basilica. Parents will leave their children with their teachers dressed in their dress black and white concert attire and with their instruments. Parents with tiny ones going on stage also wait before the concert with their children in the basement wearing all black. If your tiny player is sitting with their parents and not with their class during the concert then please keep their instrument cases at your seat in the audience and not in the basement. Audience Masking: Audience members at the concert will be asked to please wear masks to come into the concert and while moving about in the church. Once you sit down it is not required to wear a mask, but recommended. Performers and teacher masking: Performers and teachers are not required to wear masks - if parents would prefer their child to wear a mask, please send them in a black mask. If you do not own a black mask we will have extra in child and adult sizes to use for all performers and teachers who are wanting to wear a mask in the performance.

Kenya Concert Project

Many of the students have been writing letters to the children in the Lovely Ones Primary School (in Nairobi) and they have written letters to us as well. These letters will be displayed proudly at the concert for you all to see. Ms. Indi with assistance from her Mom Paola, and Molly have made a special mural for the children in Kenya as well with the Suzuki student's hands on it. We will be sharing this with you at the concert. Be EXCITED! For those of you who may not know we have been providing the Kenyan children a weekly egg breakfast for almost three years now and will continue to for many years to come. They are so thankful. We have also helped them with a few other things that you can learn more about at the concert. On May 28th, we are doing a special project where families can purchase and donate much-needed textbooks to the primary school. At their school teachers have one or two outdated textbooks to use for each of their classes. At the concert, we will have the opportunity to help them by sponsoring a $10 textbook. You can also include a handwritten note to the children at the school to be placed in the front cover of your book. It is so exciting to be able to help children in a struggling part of the world in this small way for us that will translate into something so big for them. See you all at our special concert in just TWO SLEEPS!

Concert Parking

Here is an under 2-minute video I made for you to see where to park, drop off students and to get your seats at the Spring Concert.


Let me walk you through where to park and where to bring your musicians.

Ms Amy's special NEWS!

Ms. Amy and her husband Mr. Liam are expecting their first child, due in the middle of November! She plans to teach right up until their baby is born. We have four new Suzuki violin teachers coming to the school next year and all of Amy’s classes and students will be well taken care of when she is gone. Amy will be returning again half time in January. Amy will also be available for summer ‘22 lessons this summer. A huge congratulations to Amy and Liam! We can't wait to meet the little one!

September & Summer lessons

Watch for the next newsletter introducing our wonderful new Suzuki teachers for September. Your letters for your new day and time for Septemebr 2022 are made and sent to each student ONE AT A TIME. We put so much care into having the best schedule and teacher possible for each one of your children. If you haven't gotten your letter yet, no worries, it will be coming in the next day or two. Registration for Summer lessons (6 lesson packages) will be available to sign up for in the first week of June. Watch for that newsletter in your Inbox.

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