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COVID - 19 Scotia Suzuki School Lesson / Events /Groups Update

With the changes in the community with regards to COVID-19, the school will ill be able to continue to conduct "in-person" private one-on-one lessons. We are very proud that our school is one of the cleanest / safest buildings to be found! Contact Christy, the director, directly if you need to request ZOOM lessons during this time for COVID-related quarantines or concerns.

School Protocols in Place and a few new changes: There are 3 new changes at this time:

1) We will be adding a rug to stand on at the main entrance desk, to make more space between you and the person asking COVID-19 screening questions.

2) All students above the age of 10 years old are required to wear a mask during their private lessons.

3) For concerts and all group classes we will move to ZOOM. As before the RED buttons for each discipline will have your ZOOM links for each class. Concert button is called "Solo concerts"

Protocols we have had since September 2020: WITH any New Changes in BOLD

What we have been doing and will continue to do to keep the school safe:

All students, parents, and teachers must answer all the health questions at the door and are required to wear masks while in the building.

In lessons, parents and teachers must wear masks and only the student is allowed to remove their mask during the lessons at the teacher's indication if under 10 years old. There are shields between the teachers and students as an added safety measure. All commonly touched surfaces in each classroom are eliminated and minimized as well as sanitized between every lesson by the teacher. Teachers record and sign that this has been done on the cleaning record sheet outside of each door.

All commonly touched surfaces (entrance door, bathroom, tables, handrailings, exit door) outside of the classrooms are cleaned by the person asking questions at the door after approximatelyevery 6-8 students that enter the school and the exact time is recorded.

Concerts and group classes will be online for now on ZOOM.

Thank you for everyone's efforts to keep the school safe and open with valuable "in-person" lessons. We recognize that this is the best way for the children to learn the most and we will continue to join together as a Suzuki community to make as many efforts as we possibly can to make it the safest place for you to be and to stay open for in-person lessons.

Have a great week;


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