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Because we care about your health and want you and your families to keep moving – we are offering complimentary fitness classes starting April 7th that will run weekly.

Tues 10:30am FAMILY BOOT CAMP Thursday 10:30am YOGA

Success in fitness efforts have been proven to be the highest when you commit to a class at the same day and time each week in a community.  These weekly fitness classes are FREE. 

What I do to join Tuesday Boot Camp class? • Watch the 2 minute instructional video from Caleb to maximize the benefits you will get from his class. • have nearby 2 hand weights (2 cans or 2 bottles of laundry detergent will do), a towel, floor rug or exercise mat. • Go to the RED button on the school web site’s student portal page called FITNESS and click on the ZOOM link provided.

What do I do to join Thursdays Yoga class? For Thursday’s class you only need a towel, floor rug or exercise mat.

Thankyou and let’s keep moving and be healthy together!

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