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Four need to knows at SSSM

Hello everyone,

It's almost time for our super special school-wide group class spring concert on Saturday, May 13th. We will perform Suzuki and Celtic music alongside our special guests, Mark Currie, Stephen Fewer and Abby Blanchard. The students, teachers and families have been working so hard on preparing and practicing. Join us for a night of musical experiences and participate in a beautiful evening of music.

Click the button below to purchase your tickets (concert details below) ~ SSSM Spring Group Concert 2023~ Concert Details: When to arrive: Senior and intermediate players arrive at 5:45 PM Beginners arrive at 6 PM Who: All students in the school regularly attend their group classes. This is a GROUP class concert. Where: Performers are dropped off at the basement entrance on the Barrington Rd side of the Saint Mary's Basilica, 5221 Spring Garden Rd, Halifax. Parents will leave their children and instruments with SSSM teachers. Parents with tiny ones going on stage also wait before the show with their children in the basement wearing all black. If your tiny player is sitting with their parents and not their class during the concert, please keep their instrument cases at your seat in the audience and not in the basement. I'll send you a video of where to park and where the basement is a few days before the concert. What to Wear: Dress in white tops and dress black bottoms. Teachers and assisting parents to wear Black dress tops and black dress bottoms. We provide the students with Tartan sashes. FAQS: Do we need to buy tickets if our child is performing?

Yes, everyone attending the concert buys a ticket (to cover the costs of the hall and the guests, insurance, teachers, etc.) All extra proceeds go towards the Fun Fair, our next school-wide / community event for you, your families & friends on June 17th. The students performing IN the concert do not need to buy a ticket. They will have special seats at the front and go up and down a few times during the show. Younger students will sit with their parents and guardians during the concert when not involved. Is the invitation open to share with the wider community, or do we only have a limited amount of tickets per family? Yes, please invite everyone! This "feel good" concert will make you smile all the way through! The more people in attendance, the more excited the performers will be, and the more people will feel happy because of their music and hard work! The Saint Mary's Basilica church is HUGE, so invite your friends and family.

Registration for September 2023

Registration for Sept 2023 will start later this week.

Please prepare your dates to submit now to make sure you get a space. Our school is FULL, so register immediately when you get your email with the link to avoid disappointment.

Watch your INBOX this week for your September 2023 sign-up link.

Summer Lessons & Practicing

If you can't make it this year to summer camp, then make sure you sign up for a 6-lesson block of summer lessons.

This is just enough lessons (you choose your days and times) to take a break, be away traveling, etc., but NOT GET RUSTY. Students that don't take summer lessons or attend summer camp come back in September needing to return to where they were in their playing in June again. This can take weeks, and students often feel discouraged and lose confidence.

Make sure this doesn't happen to your musician. Enroll them in a block of 6 lessons this summer and keep them reviewing and playing. They will return confidently in September, ready to continue learning without experiencing a summer setback.

This is what you want!

Watch your INBOX on June 1st for your summer lesson sign-up link.

Summer Camp Update

Another reminder to register for the Halifax - ART, MUSIC & DANCE Camp.

There are only 6 spaces remaining for certain disciplines, so click here to reserve your spot below at the Register NOW button below.

Have a great day, and I look forward to seeing you at our spring concert this Saturday,


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