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Group classes on April 9th. Getting ready for the May 28th and June 18th Group Concerts

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Make sure you make it to all of your group classes this month!

It's time to put the finishing touches on preparations for our BIG year-end concerts. Here are the dates. Watch for details for each event coming soon in future school newsletters.

THIS Saturday, April 9th

Group class day for all Violin, Cello, Piano, Step, Performance Mth, and Guitar. (NO musical theatre monthly classes)

Saturday, April 23rd

Musical theatre classes and performance MTh class only

Saturday, April 30th

Group class day for book one + violin, Book 2 cello, all musical theatre classes, and performance MTh

May 14 - May 28 - Jun 4 (check your Student portal page group class lists to know your days)

Saturday, May 28th

BIG ALL SUZUKI GROUP SPRING CONCERT, Saint Mary's Basilica, 6 PM evening concert

Saturday, June 18th

FAMILY FAIR & FIDDLE FEST with Petting Zoo and other surprises, all afternoon at the school back parking lot.

See you tomorrow!


Wow! A group class photo from so long ago! :)

Art, Music & Dance ~ Halifax! Summer CAMP week July 11-15th Registration is open Some classes are almost full closing soon.

Some of you have already joined and are even starting Levels THREE & FOUR! Bravo!

If you haven't started this FUN practicing activity it's not too late. You can jump in fast!

Have fun practicing! I can't wait for the grand prizes for all those who finish all 6 levels. YOU CAN DO IT!

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