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#12 Halloween Countdown! | 7 days of Masks

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

By Christy | The Practicing Pro

In the week leading up to Halloween, why not do a countdown to make your practicing more FUN with 7 spooky Masks and some Performing!

This 7-day countdown Activity is the perfect thing to do to make performing more fun! Learn that YOU can make other people happy by sharing your music with them.

(You can also make it 5 days or 3 days)

Not only is it simple, but it is HALLOWEEN themed!

Learn to LOVE PLAYING your instrument

After you have done all of your spot drilling and now, for a few months, you can play your piece through. Enjoy just "playing" your piece and not focus on how it needs to be better. It is just as important to PLAY your instrument as it is to PRACTICE your instrument.

This could be by doing a performance for the grandparents, stuffed animals, or for friends!

Playing your pieces, and performing them (without worrying about the drill spots or any mistakes you may make) helps your child to really learn to LOVE PLAYING their instruments.

"I love my Violin!"

Once in a lesson, I was moved to tears.

A little boy hugged his violin and looked at me straight in the eyes and said to me "Miss Christy, I love my violin."

Why did he feel this way?

There are a few reasons, but one of them was the chance he had to participate in a musical community which provided the opportunities for him to play his instrument and perform for others all of the time.

It is about so much more than just learning an instrument. It's about having something special that you can share with others to make them happy.

Halloween Mask - Downloads

Here are the Halloween Masks to use in a 7-day countdown.

Pre Colored
Vampire Mask - FREE pdf download
Pumpkin Mask - FREE pdf download
Frankenstein Mask - FREE pdf download
Witch Mask - FREE pdf download
Cat Mask - FREE pdf download
Bat Mask - FREE pdf download
Medusa Mask - FREE pdf download

To Color
Vampire Mask - FREE pdf download
Pumpkin Mask - FREE pdf download
Frankenstein Mask - FREE pdf download
Witch Mask - FREE pdf download
Cat Mask - FREE pdf download
Bat Mask - FREE pdf download
Medusa Mask - FREE pdf download

How to use the Masks for Performing

The goal is to take a picture or video of you performing a favorite song wearing each one of the 7 days before Halloween masks!

There are 3 different ways that you can do this:

  1. Pick your Mask at the BEGINNING of your practice Before you start you can have your child pick their mask for that day. During their entire practice, they get to think about which song they want to perform when they are finished! (maybe it seems most fitting for that mask) After your practice, put on your mask and perform the pieces you chose!

Record it and send it to someone for a Halloween surprise!

  1. Pick your Mask at the END of your practice After your practice is done, you can reward your child with picking a mask (this can be done with their eyes closed for a surprise, or they can just pick the one they want the most that day). Once you have picked your mask, put it on! Pick a song that you have known for a really long time. PERFORM that song while you are wearing your mask!

Whether you pick your mask at the beginning or the end you can add an extra flare of Halloween by trying to play your piece like the character on your mask would!

How would a witch play May Song?

Can you play Perpetual Motion like Frankenstein?

Minuet 1 like a Monster?

Share With Others

Use these Masks to make your Daily Performances more FUN for the 7 days before Halloween!

Don't forget to take a picture or video to share with your grandparents or friends!

Or...maybe you do your performance on FaceTime WITH your cousins!

This is what I used:

  1. Halloween & Monster Masks Download - printed on Card stock

  2. Scissors to cut out the masks

  3. Ribbon, String or Elastic

  4. Stapler or Hole Punch

  5. colored pencils/markers (optional if you choose to color your masks)

This will be the perfect activity to count down to Halloween by performing EVERY DAY!

It will be both entertaining and rewarding as your child learns to LOVE PLAYING (not just practicing) their instrument!

Happy Halloween and Happy Performing!

This is 7-day Halloween Mask Countdown that I created to help you perform every day during the days leading up to Halloween! You can also print extra masks and share them with your friends and siblings.

Please send me a photo/video to share with every one of you performing in your spooky Halloween and Monster masks.

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