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IMPORTANT - Group Class Time Change For April 30th And May 14th

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

30 minutes earlier start for all group class times

I am so happy to announce that as part of our Spring Concert coming up on May 28th, we will be writing letters to our Kenyan friends at the Next TWO Suzuki Saturdays.

ALL STUDENTS COME an additional 30 minutes earlier than their group's usual starting time. April 30th (Violin book 1A and up, Musical Theater, and Cello Book 2 groups)

May 30th ( Cello, piano, Ptw Violin, Twinkle violin and Guitar)

Follow the signs and go directly to the kitchen off of the big upstairs hall. There a Senior student volunteer will be there to take your photo, help you write your letter, and draw a special picture on the back. Parents, please come with your children that need help writing. We would also love extra help from any parents available as this is a big undertaking! But worth it to gift the children in Kenya with special letters from our school. They will treasure them their whole lives.

REMEMBER for the next group class COME 30 minutes earlier than your usual starting time.

Two grade 8 girls, working hard, writing letters to return back to Scotia Suzuki School students.

These are some of the letters written by Scotia Suzuki students that were brought to Kenya and read to the children there 3 years ago.

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