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NEW program at SSSM starts Sept 20th

Hello Everyone!


We hope that you all have been having a wonderful summer! From our June Fun Fair, to our cultural Summer Camp, and as always we have had an awesome season of summer lessons and student concerts!

Here at the Scotia Suzuki School of Music we know that our members are looking for so much more than music lessons. They are looking for joyful movement, creative expression, life-long learning, socialization, and community engagement! We see these as the 5 pillars of our mission and we’ve thought long and hard about how we can use these values to create something wonderful now for the adults and seniors in our community.

Our vision is simple: To develop a space where members of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels can come together to LEARN, CREATE, MOVE, and SOCIALIZE, in a vibrant and welcoming COMMUNITY.

That is why we’ve decided to create the Halifax - Adult Community Arts Centre now included in our school space. We have spent the summer working with an incredible new roster of instructors to develop programs for adults in fine arts, movement, music, and dance for you and your family and friends!

In these programs, you will find the same warmth, joy, and heart that you know at the Scotia Suzuki School of Music we bring to all that we do!

Whether it is learning to play the guitar in our Strumming Circle, learning to jive in Partner Dancing 101, or making beautiful sculptures with felt in our fiber arts class, we have something for everyone! Classes are affordable and guess what? We also have great discounts for anyone taking multiple classes at ACAC.

Click here to view our roster of programs and sign up today!


Would you like to support this new Adult Community Arts program in your Suzuki Community?

You can be a founding member and also get outrageous deals to join classes and give us your feedback while learning a lot and having fun, too! This offer is only open to the first 15 people who sign up only so grab your seat as a founding member FAST!

Click on the Founding Member's link below to find out more!

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