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Proof Of Vaccination By Wednesday

Covid passport instructions Please send in by Wednesday

In my last message about the pandemic, I said I would update you at the end of this week.

The NS Chief Medical Officer of Health announced that starting on Monday, October 4, 2021 people who are 12 and older will need to provide proof of full vaccination to participate in discretionary events and activities that bring groups of people together. They said: “Further information will be circulated in the coming weeks as the policy is finalized." Please follow this link to our website to read a document just released by the Province entitled “Proof of Vaccine FAQ – Sport & Recreation”. Everything here also applies to art and arts events.

The FAQ certainly leaves some questions to be answered, but the good news is that the Province is now allowing students 13-18 to start and continue with music education/events as long as they are fully vaccinated by November 9, 2021. The FAQ indicates that this means a student needs to have the first shot no later than September 28 and the second shot no later than October 26. Please see the FAQ for more detail.

Please send us as soon as possible, and over the next few days, a copy of your vaccinations for:

  1. Any Suzuki child that is 12 or over, coming to the school for lessons

  2. All parents, relatives, or siblings also 12 or older who may attend their Suzuki lesson each week with them.

You can help out by putting ONE vaccination per email to with each SUBJECT line as follows.

In this case, Tom comes for piano lessons and his mom or dad brings him.

Tom Beliveau (student) - proof of Vaccination

Emily Tarren (parent of Tom Belveau) - proof of Vaccination

Mike Beliveau (parent of Tom Belveau) - proof of Vaccination

We will be putting these vaccination copies on our secure Studio Helper registration system. They will be removed automatically when a student stops attending the school.

We will also reach out if we don’t hear from you by this Wednesday, September 22nd.

This means we will be doing a lot of extra work in the next two weeks (about 45-50 hours I estimate to collect and record vaccinations on Studio Helper) BUT, it will be worth it for you all to enter quickly, easily and uninterrupted. I know that your Suzuki music lessons are important to you and I value the money that you spend on your lessons and want you to have on-time, uninterrupted lessons without stress.

Reasons for this decision:

  1. Quickly entering the building - No waiting in lines outside the building on possible rainy or cold days. Knowing that your entrance to the school will run smoothly with the new government requirements.

  2. Having an accident - Not putting Ms. Julia in the position of having to not allow someone to enter if they forgot/misplace their card.

  3. Never missing part of your lesson - because you were delayed at the door for any reason.

  4. Peace of mind - You can know that the teachers, students, and parents in the building are all vaccinated.

  5. Normality for your children - There will not be any delays or changes you will notice on October 4th. It will feel to both you and your family like a regular day coming to the Suzuki school to “make music together”

Over the last year and a half, I have received many words and notes of support and encouragement with respect to our approach to COVID. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out, however, we may not be able to get back to you right away.

I would like to personally thank you for your kindness and patience in this new pandemic law/regulation we are being required to implement.

Christy Director of the Scotia Suzuki School of Music

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