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Spring Concert Tickets For Sale - May 28th 6PM

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Hello everyone,

It's almost time for our super special school-wide group class spring concert on Saturday, May 28th. The students, teachers and families have been working so hard on preparing and practicing. We will be performing Suzuki, Nigerian and Kenyan music alongside our special guests Chloe Dionne, Shina Ojo and Emmanuel Solomon. Join us for a night of musical experiences and participate in a special project for the Lovely One's Primary School in Kenya.

Click the button below to purchase your tickets (concert details below) ~ SSSM Spring Concert 2022 ~ Dress Rehearsal and Group Photo Details: When: Saturday, May 14th (Guitar, piano and cello groups - please come 30 minutes before your regular group class time to work on your letters) Where: Suzuki School - 6141 Chebucto Rd. What to Wear (for photo and concert): White formal top, black formal bottoms, black socks, black dress shoes, simple black or no accessories in hair or jewelry - we will have special sashes for you Concert Details: When: Saturday, May 28th 6:00pm (arrive 5:15-5:40 P.M - details for your exact time are coming) Where: St. Mary's Basilica - 5221 Spring Garden Road What to Wear: White formal top, black formal bottoms, black socks, black shoes, simple or no accessories, we will have your sash waiting for you. PreTwinkle parents performing WITH their players wear ALL BLACK. FAQS: Do we need to buy tickets if our child is performing?

Yes, everyone attending the concert buys a ticket (to cover the costs of hall and the guests, insurance, teachers, etc.) All extra proceeds go to buying textbooks for The Lovely One's Primary School in Kenya. The students that are performing IN the concert do not need to buy a ticket. They will have special seats at the front and will go up and down a few times during the concert. Younger students will sit with their parents during the concert when not involved. Is the invitation open to share with the wider community, or do we only have a limited amount of tickets per family? Yes please invite everyone! This is a "feel good" concert that will make you smile all the way through! The more people in attendance, the more textbooks that we can donate! The church is HUGE so invite your friends and family.

~ Summer Camp Update ~

Another reminder to register for the ART, MUSIC, DANCE Camp - Halifax. There are only 8 spacesremaining so click here to reserve your spot below at the Register NOW, button below.

Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you at our spring concert,


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