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SSSM – news / Sept 1st week 2017

NEW SUZUKI BABY Thomas James VanSlyke arrived monday afternoon. 7 lbs, 15 oz and 20.5 inches long. Congratulations to Carrie and Jeremy and welcome to our first Scotia Suzuki School BABY! ❤️

PARENTS NIGHT – Sept 8th This friday night, at the new space, 6141 Chebucto road. All Suzuki parents please attend to be informed and inspired from 7-8:15pm.

FIRST SUZUKI SATURDAY – Sept 9th – violin, viola, guitar and cello (piano and flute groups will start later in the year) Go to our school website On the school portal page at the top are new RED buttons with updated Scotia Suzuki Saturday dates and times. You can go here anytime to stay completely updated and in the loop.

On Suzuki Saturdays park in the parking lot behind 6141 Chebucto road. Walk around to the front of the grey building (the back doors are always locked) and go UP to the LEFT STAIR CASE DOORS. Ill have a temporary school sign on the door and some balloons so you can see it plainly. You can EXIT out the back doors straight to the parking lot if its more convenient for you. Parents attend group classes. Check off your players review pieces on their charts (ill have extras on hand) and take notes. Its a QUIET time so bring activities for siblings to sit still and please do not chat with neighbors. 😀

NEW PRE- TWINKLE BEGINNERS – SATURDAY SEPT 9th The first few NEW pre twinkle classes are parents only. Parents bring your FULL SIZE instruments to class and learn the set up of your instruments – to be effective coaches at home. If you don’t have your instrument yet please still come and observe bring it to the next group class.

SUZUKI WEEKLY PRIVATE LESSONS – Begin Monday Sept 11th Check your school portal to confirm your teacher, date and time of your private lesson this year. Teachers classroom numbers will be posted at the entrance door. Park in the back of the school parking lot at 6141 Chebucto road. Walk around to the FRONT and walk DOWN THE STAIRS to enter the two grey doors. There are two RED flower pots framing the classroom entrance and a temporary sign on the door as well as balloons. Again you may EXIT through the back doors to the parking lots if that is more convenient after your lessons.

NEW SCHOOL SIGN WENT UP TONIGHT! Thanks to Mark Dacey who helped pick up the new school sign with his truck at one of our new Suzuki Families business “Eye Candy”. Mark Hodder put the sign up tonight (in the dark) and Its so beautiful!

CECILIA CONCERT SERIES – Sept 16th Featuring Stephan Tetrault playing a Stradivarius Cello, worth over 6 million dollars. There are only about 60 Stradivarius cellos in the world. He is 24years old from Montreal. The cello is on permanent loan to him. Look on line for concert details.

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