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SSSM-news / Sept 3rd week

FRIDAY NIGHT – MUSIC AND LAUGHTER – EDGETT DANCE / SWING CLASSES Edgett dance has just started swing lessons (photos from last friday night) for adults. For children, youth and adults beginner social dance classes will start in October on Monday nights at our new school. Email me for more information.

LUKE / SARAHS NEW SUZUKI BABY PICTURE Felicity Elizabeth Frank Fraser Born: Sept 11th 9:19am 8.22lbs

OCTOBERS LESSONS FEES DUE before Sept 25th The lesson fees are due each month on the 25th of the month. All of you should have new invoices for October in your school portals today or tomorrow. Please remember to pay them on time before the $30 late fee is automatically added by the system. The option to pay in two payments by check for the year is also available to save some online costs. If you haven’t already asked me for this option, then please let me know by thursday night and I have those invoices made for you and mailing instructions.

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