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SSSM – news / Sept 4th week

CONCERTS! Amazing players that love to play and practice come from exposing them to the ideas of what your instrument can do. Attend as many concerts as you can. In Halifax and through the SSSM there are so many kinds of concerts to attend, at different prices and so many styles. Here are some upcoming events to try to attend. Read carefully please the following four opportunities.

SSSM BOOK and STUDIO CONCERTS – on your student portal Tonight come and see at 6pm Maya Johnson perform her Book 2 concert and at 7:30pm Michaela Bona perform her Book 1 concert. Concerts are in the Suzuki school hall and are free and open to everyone to enjoy and celebrate the students hard work and incredible achievements. Treats and congratulations follow each 30 minute concert. Enter in the front door up the stairs. All Suzuki Concerts are on your student portal in RED and usually in Saturday nights with a few Friday night events.

FREE DRESS REHEARSAL FOR STUDENTS WITH AN ID Or Concert , $100 each International Virtuoso Violinist – Leila Josefowicz & John Novacek This Wed, Sept 27th 10:00-12:30 AM, Sir James Dunn theater OR concert Wed, Sep 27, 7:00 PM

This is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for senior players or younger players that are able to sit alone for a large chunk of time still and quietly. You must be in your seat BEFORE 10am start. You are allowed before the end as long as you leave at an appropriate break in the rehearsal. I am available to attend as a chaperone at the dress rehearsal if needed (or I can arrange for a parent volunteer if needed.) Contact me for more information on this AMAZNG event.

Sibelius – Valse Triste, Op. 44, Prokofiev – Sonata No. 1 in F minor, Op. 80 Saariaho – Calices (2009) Mahler – Adagietto (from Symphony No. 5) Zimmermann – Sonata

O- CELLI / SSSM Senior violin players SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29 – 2PM, Maritime Conservatory of the Performing Arts, $30 and free for students with application Belgian Cello Octet – (with special opening guests from the Scotia Suzuki School playing A minor Vivaldi concerto, movt. 1) What sounds better than a cello? Eight cellos! Catch this magical Belgian ensemble as they tour through a wide exploration ranging from Tchaikovsky to Strauss, from Piazzolla to Nino Rota. When played together with others, the beauties of this instrument add up, giving a unique, full and exceptional sound. (Check on line at Cecelia concert website – ask about applying for their FREE student tickets sponsored by Scotia Bank.)

Look for a fun O CELLI concert game/competition in our Suzuki School being announced next news letter!

REJIGGED FESTIVAL MUSIC WEEKEND – OCT 20-22 , $10-$30 Workshops and concerts in Scottish / irish traditional music, language and dance. Come out and See/Support our Suzuki teachers Luke Fraser and Sara Frank play in their group Bombadil’s!

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