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Studio concerts and Theory programs online

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Instructions on solo concerts and the Theory program at our soon – fully running online school. Concerts and All other Events at the Scotia Suzuki School Of Music will continue as usual. We will be working with you and our teachers to come up with creative solutions to keep all

of the wonderful things at our school happening using ZOOM. This morning Caleb and Elsa ran their first SECE class with 15 children participating from their homes! Private lessons are successfully running now through out the school! Thank-you to everyone working so hard to make all of this happen! If you post about your online lessons and tag the school we will add them to our school Instagram stories!

Solo Concerts Solo concerts will continue as scheduled. We have 80 students performing this weekend and next weekend in total. There will be lots of concerts going on all over Using ZOOM in people’s homes! You can also invite your Grammy or Grampie etc.. to attend your concert by sending them the link.

Ms. Emilie will let you know your exact concert times as Zoom concerts will be shorter now (up to 30 minutes) with about 8 students in them. Multiple concerts will happen each half hour all evening. You will be welcome to join any of them to watch on the same night that you are performing. All concerts this weekend will be unaccompanied. Please treat them as a concert at the school and all sit and watch together as a family the whole thing, clap and even enjoy a special treat as a family together afterwards.

Theory Theory will continue as normal. Please do 3 to 5 pages in your theory book and then take a clear scan of the pages in your book. Using free apps and tutorials online, take a scan of your work and send it to Ms. Emilie at . She will correct them and send them back to you. The student’s who have books at the school will have their work books sent to them through the mail within the next few days.

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