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Summer Camp Registration OPEN!

Summer Camp Registration OPEN for multiple disciplines July 17th - 21st

Scotia Suzuki School of Music is strumming to a tune you’ll love! This summer, students in our 5-day camp will explore a range of music and dance. Scotia Suzuki School teachers will bring their wealth of talent and experience to lead small group classes for children and youth this summer. Students will have fun and get inspired with activities in the disciplines of their choosing - such as violin, fiddle, piano, guitar, cello, chording, step dance, art, musical theatre and dance. Each year there is a cultural focus and this year its ~ NOVA SCOTIA & ASIA.

The cost is $387 per child.

Registration is currently open.

Camp dates: July 17-21st, 2023

Camp times: 8:30-4pm*

*Early drop-off and/or later pick-up options can be arranged for an extra fee.

Additional information will be sent out when registering.

Once a camp discipline is full, you will be put on a waitlist.

See you there!


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