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Tips from parents – online lessons

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Maia and her family in CHINA

Experienced Suzuki parents IN CHINA and HALIFAX share tips with us on how to have successful online lessons Mandy, Glenn and Maia, from our Suzuki School Are in China having a 2 year adventure! They do two hour long Face Time lessons each week. They have also been in isolation and then social distancing for over 2 months now. I was able to interview on Monday. They have incredible tips for us! I’ll share Mandys today as well as some additional tips from Sally Bird who also did Skype lessons while traveling abroad and is presently in Halifax.

I have labeled shorter clips with topic headings and noted under with so you can quickly watch them all. They are golden nuggets of information. Please take the time to watch!

NEXT check your IN BOX for a newsletter of tips from their children and the actual participants in the on line lessons to get their first hand tips for students!

Mandys VALUABLE online lesson TIPS

Mandy’s TIPS – written out

Sally’s encouragement for online lessons

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