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Ukraine Donations Opportunity - SSSM Drop Off

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Urgent Donations for Ukraine Refugees Drop off at the Scotia Suzuki School Thursday - Saturday

Hello Everyone; Meet the Lozan family from Ukraine. This is percussionist and composer Taras and his wife and violin teacher Khrystyna. They both have master's degrees in music. They have two daughters 2 and 7 years old and are on their way to Canada as refuges. As parents we often think about how we can help others and especially right now in this terrible time of War in Ukraine. One thing you can do right now and with your children is to share what you have, purchase and donate just a few things or bags of supplies to the Atlantic Canada Ukrainian Association. For the refugees arriving to Halifax. What: As a school we will be collecting supplies from the list below When: Thursday 3-7PM Friday 3- 7PM Satirday 9-2PM Where: Drop all items off to the office if its open and if its closed then leave out side the office door in a bag with or without your name on them. Help to talk to your children about war and hard things in the world: Click HERE Thank you for your generosity as a Suzuki community. If anyone is wanting to donate but is strapped for time and want to donate money. Caleb and Elsa have volunteered to purchase some things on your behalf on Friday night. In this case, leave the money in the metal box outside of the school office with your name or e transfer them at allred.elsa@gmail.comand they will pick up the items and let you know what they got. Supplies List:Needed:

sleeping bags

mens thermal underwear (NEW ONLY, sizes M-XL)

medical supplies (NEW ONLY, see list)

hygiene supplies (see list)

baby supplies (see list)


dry food (no cooking required)

fruit and/or nut mix in individual packaging

energy or oatmeal bars

sugar in individual packaging

cookies in individual packaging

cereals and other snacks in individual packaging

Ramen instant noodles

individual cans of fish (e.g. tuna, salmon, sardines)

instant mashed potatoes

Medication and Medical Supplies (NEW, NOT OPENED, NOT EXPIRED)

emergency laceration closures

medical sutures with needles (1/0-6/0)

skin stapler with wires

haemostatic dressings/bandage covers

chest seal with vent

flu medication (Neocetran, etc.)

wound seal in powderr

antifungal cream for feet

Lactated Ringers Solution (1000mL in bag)

normal saline/0.9% sodium chloride (1000mL in bag)

bandages, gauze, and wound dressing

First Aid kits

disinfectant swabs


First Aid tourniquets

painkillers/anti-inflammatories (Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, Ibruprofen)

anti-allergy (Benadryl)

anti-diarrhea (Imodium)

cut and burn creams (Polysporin)

medical trauma scissors

portable defibrillators

Baby Products (NEW ONLY)

new plastic bottles


panadol baby

nasal drops

ear drops


diapers and wet wipes

baby formula (powder and liquid)

cereals and cookies

fruit pure (no glass jars)

new clothes (0-3 y.o.)

Hygiene Products

pads, liners, tampons

toothbrushes, toothpaste

anti-perspirant (not an aerosol)

baby wet wipes

soap bars

socks for men, women, and kids (NEW)

underwear for men, women, and kids (NEW)

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