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What does a Lolly pop and a drum have in common?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Everything - If its a "lollypop drum"!

One of the fun things we do in the SECE class (Suzuki Childhood Education) is to read books and recite rhymes. Making it a daily habit to read aloud to your child and sing a few songs together as a regular part of your day is one of the goals. Later, when you start playing an instrument, it will be so much easier to practice every day since you've already developed a regular music time together each day.

A few times in each class the teacher brings out the LollyPOP drum! My favorite version of this drum is made by Remo. This is the exact drum I got for my Grandson, Daniels, first birthday! It's super sturdy and has a BEAUTIFUL rich ringing tone!

Teaching a child aged 0-3 to make a keep a steady beat will help them be more successful, easier when they start studying an instrument. I start children at our school when they are ready. When they spend time in the SECE program they are ready much sooner and are extra prepared. For ages, I suggest as soon as 2.5/3 on violin, 3.5/4 on cello, piano or flute, and 4 and up on the piano, voice, and guitar.

Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumbs, is a fun board book to use your Lolly POP drum while reading.

You can check out on my blog "Some of my favorite rhythm board books" to find a youtube link of me reading that book with my REMO Lollypop drum for Daniel. It's so fun, you will love it!

You can also watch my youtube "Humpty Dumpty" using the LollyPOP drum also used in the SECE classes. It's so FUN!

INVITATION from Christy Hodder:

Try out these fun activities with your LOllyPOP drum and send me a photo of you with your musician with their puzzle activity to share with other parents. I would love to see it!


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