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#14 What's in my Violin Case?

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

What's in my violin case?

I wanted to share with you today some of the things I use to help me be successful with my violin playing! These are what I use and some of my favorite suggestions for players to use.

What's in a successful practice space?

Here are some of the basics.

Without the supplies handy and easy to reach on a shelf in your practice space, or in your violin case it can be hard to be successful! Here are my suggestions.

Note for Grandparents

My Grandson lives far away and it's so hard not to be with him to celebrate Christmas, birthdays, holidays, special goals reached or celebrations just "because".

I want to send him gifts and let him know I am thinking about him and support him! One of the best gifts you can give to a child is the gift of music. Lessons are expensive so a few lesson credits can help out and tell your child and grandchild that you support them in their efforts. This is so encouraging since daily practicing is hard. It will mean a lot to them!

Another great way to help out is by sending gifts that will encourage and support them in learning their instrument.

Here are some of the things your violin player needs to be successful as well as some of my favorite brands for students and Amazon links to make it EASY for you. All proceeds go 100% to a scholarship fund to help children have lessons that otherwise couldn't.

WIN-WIN all around.

Thanks for your patronage!

Have FUN filling your player's VIOLIN CASE!

If you need to purchase or rent a violin, I talk about my favorite ones in this blog - Which Violin Brand do I Recommend to Purchase or Rent. It also covers chin rests and shoulder bars/sponges!

So here they are - all of the basics every violin player needs in their practice space and/or in their case :


If you are just starting any type of rosin will be fine. My favorite ones though are the darker ones. I also like the circle kind in the cloth with an elastic to hold the cloth in place or in a box. I seem to drop and break the rectangle in the box kind! I also seem to break hairs on the wooden edges on the sides. Try different ones and see which your favorite one is. I have a GREEN one I bought in honor of an “alligator discovering adventure” that I took in Florida to remember that trip and that's also fun! Since they can get lost, crack, break easily - NEW rosin is always a good stocking stuffer or present for a big celebration.

An occasional student will come along that rosin makes them sneeze! In this case, hypoallergenic rosin does the trick!


This is my favorite one because it’s small and fits right on my violin! I leave it there on the outside edge of the body near the neck, so I can shift and not bump it. Before I had this one I lost a few tuners from loaning them to other people at events or practicing in funny places (one of my favorite things to do) and they got misplaced. I can remove it for concerts easily and I haven’t lost mine or left it on and used up the battery! (That was my other trick!)

This SNARK tuner is also very popular with my students


My daughter’s piano teacher taught her that her metronome was her special teacher at home and her practicing best friend. Her teacher asked her to her NAME her metronome and really love it! For this reason, I love these fun ones. What color will you choose and what will your metronome friend's name be?

I like the circle manual dial on this one. You can turn it and see and feel your progress happening. It's also portable and doesn't have to go on a table that's flat so it's the kind I use.

I also like these two colored ones for your practice areas. You usually sit them on the piano or a shelf in your practice area in a permanent spot to live.

This one is clear for the mechanically minded player who likes to "see how things work"!

Strings / Extra Strings

These are the strings I suggest for my students. Remember that if you rent a violin you need to ask if the strings are NEW and if they are not ask for them to be replaced BEFORE you take the rental home. Always have a new set in your case for emergencies. You will need them anyway at some point so it won’t cost you extra money to have extra strings!

TIP: If you think you might change up to a bigger violin soon but need to use your extra strings replace your emergency set with one size bigger. In an emergency, it’s fine to use a string one violin size bigger BUT you can’t use the one size smaller!

Full 4/4 violin size set:

3/4 violin size set:

1/2 violin size set:

1/4 violin size set:

Nail clippers

This is a big one! Nail clippers are for clipping the hairs on your bow if one breaks and for keeping your nails neat and short for nimble fast fingers!

Violin Mute

When you need to practice and not bother other people in your house or apartment. Great for early morning scales! My favorite kind!

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(Here are some QUICK affiliate links on Amazon for all of the supplies you might need to make it easier for you.

I do not work for Amazon but if you ever purchase anything from Amazon via a link from this site, I receive a small commission at no cost to you that goes 100% to a scholarship fund to help children have music lessons that would not otherwise be able to have them. Thank you for your patronage.)

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