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WOW, Summer Is Flying By...

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Back to September Suzuki Lessons & What you need to know

Suzuki Classes start the week of September 12th The start date this year a bit later than normal due to how the calendar falls. At the Scotia Suzuki School, we start ONE WEEK after regular public school starts. That way you have time to settle into your new school schedule before starting your music lessons. When is Parents night? September 8th, at 7PM Who attends Parents night? ALL Suzuki parents and teachers in the school attend. Both brand new parents and returning parents. Where can I find my private and group lesson information? Go to the Student Portal Page at You can see your private lesson information by logging into your Studio Helper. You can see your group lesson times by clicking on the RED button for your discipline. When do I get my first invoice? Your first invoice and welcome letters are arriving one at a time between today and next Monday. Each welcome letter and invoice are made separately so it takes a few weeks for us to make them all and send them out to you the first time. Your first tuition payment is due on August 25th, and after that on the 25th of each month until your last installment on May 25th. Watch your inbox for it and the different ways you can set up your tuition payments this coming year. INVOICE NOTE: This does mean that you will pay your first two tuition installments (of ten payments) when you have only had a lesson or two. No worries, remember we are a tuition-based school so you don't pay by the month for your monthly lessons but for the whole year that includes all 36 weeks of lessons. Some months like Sept, Dec, and March only have a few lesson weeks and other months like Oct, Nov, February, etc.. have more lessons. It all works out perfectly in the end. Payment Options Invoices can be paid directly through Paypal. We also accept e-transfer payments sent directly to the school's email ( If you would like to pay by monthly automatic payments with a credit card, don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly so we can set that up for you. If you previously use this payment method and would like to continue this year, please let us know directly. New families with lots of questions? No worries, starting this weekend you will start receiving in your IN BOX every few days 4 short videos all about the Scotia Suzuki School and the Suzuki Program. Your welcome letter will also let you know what you need for books and instrument rentals. We've got you covered! It's a pleasure for us to receive questions from you. So after your welcome letter and you finish your video series if you still have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. :) SEE YOU AT 7PM ON PARENT'S NIGHT - SEPT 8TH

Thank you to all of the Scotia Suzuki Families that helped with the Ukrainian supplies drive last Spring. It was a huge success and your contributions sure helped. Caleb and Elsa shopped for supplies for Suzuki families that made monetary donations. They also delivered supplies that were dropped off at the school. Here are some photos to see what they got and delivering a huge carload packed up to the top! Thank you again to all that participated.

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