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#64 Math on the Safari - "African Safari Practicing Adventure" 2/6

Updated: May 16, 2022

By Christy | The Practicing Pro

Read the Blog HERE and get your FREE first African Safari Practicing (1 of 6) Adventures.

You can also Watch / Listen to the Live HERE where I share HOW I happened to find myself teaching music in a remote Kipsigis village quite suddenly one day 6 years ago!

Hello practicing parents and teachers,

It's time to release level TWO of the "African Safari Practicing Adventure"!

You have finished level ONE and are ready for your award and to proceed on to the next adventure - level TWO. Hurray! Great work!

In case you missed it, here is level one:

Level ONE - the African Safari Practicing Activty  

For all of you who have finished your level ONE - here is the award and the activity sheets.

Your award is a GIRAFFE!

One activity sheet is discovering the skin pattern/print of various safari animals, and the other is some fun math to do using safari animals to help you decode.

Level #1 completion award  PDF 

Multiple Giraffes for teachers to print  

Who owns each skin?  PDF   
Math on the Safari  PDF

Send me a photo of your level one completed. When you do we can share it right here. By sharing, you can encourage others with your hard work!

Remember, this is a do at your own pace activity.

Click below for your free PDF of your SECOND adventure: LEVEL TWO. Let's get started!

You can also click on the LIVE link above to learn all about the activity sheets and listen to my stories about my teaching trip and what I learned while I was there.

Level TWO - the African Safari Practicing Activity   

Thanks for sending your photos of your level one activity. Yeah! Way to go!

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