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Announcing NSYA Music Video Is HERE

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

It is my absolute pleasure to announce the release of the latest music video from the Nova Scotia Youth Ambassadors. Featuring traditional Acadian song and dance and filmed at the historic Grand Pré National Park, this video is truly a shining gem of Maritime pride. So much work and dedication was put into the making of this and I am so proud of every single person involved. I want to give a special shoutout to some of the many people involved in it's making. Without their creative vision and dedication, this wouldn't have been possible.

Grand Pré National Park & Parks Canada Drone Footage - Philemon Lee Acadian Step Choreography - Clara Smith Costumes - Bertha Majaess & Elsa Allred Filming, editing and planning - Caleb Allred, Elsa Allred and Christy Hodder

Click the link below to watch now and be sure to like, comment and share. Sharing their music with others makes the members of the NSYA so happy and motivated to continue pursuing their passion of music.

Thank you for your encouragement and enjoy!


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