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Celebrating Parents / Book Concerts

Celebrating PARENTS!

This Saturday, February 6th, for Suzuki VIOLIN group classes, parents are invited to come and play too! If you are a parent and play SUZUKI VIOLIN then come to a class (or a few) and bring your music. We will have extra stands for you. JOIN IN THE CLASS as a guest! For younger classes, you can also play harmony if you would like and know it.

If you play piano let me know and I'll have a piano ready for you to play and have extra piano accompaniment for you too! Just let us know what you need and I'll have it!

We hope to see you all! There are quite a few Suzuki Violin Parents out there! We are so PROUD of you! You are rock stars!!!

Check times and classes on the RED violin button on the Student Portal page.

(Image: Dad, Patrick, Pre Covid regulations)

Amazing Concerts this weekend - Children learn from other children! How do I know when concerts are and the details? 1) The calendar button on the Student portal page says every event at the school concerts, group classes, holidays etc.. 2) The Studio helper has your private lessons, group classes for the year. Concerts will appear on studio helper a week or so before when we have the TIME confirmed . 3) Usually the day before the concert the solo button will be updated with the final details, orders of students playing, and the programs for the concerts. Friday, Feb 4th 6pm Solos concert Saturday, Feb 5th 6pm Zoe White -Violin Book 2 7pm William Keppie -Violin Book 3 8pm Aurora Morrison -Musical Theatre Solo Concert

How to join by zoom? 1) Go to the school website 2) Go to Student Portal Page 3) Click on the Solo Concert Button 4) Click on the Saturday zoom link 5) Programs are at the bottom of the page to download 6) ENJOY, and see you there!

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