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End year African themed Scotia Suzuki School concert dates: May 28th (and possible May 27th)

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Hello everyone!

I am so pleased to share some very exciting updates with you.

First, our May end-of-the-year school concert will take place on May 28th (and possibly an additional May 27th, depending on the current COVID restrictions)! Please mark those dates down in your calendars.

For the concert: This year's special guests are Emmanuel Solomon, an opera student at Dalhousie University, and his friend Ojo Adeshina (AKA Shina), who has been playing the gangan, or talking drum, for over 10 years! Emmanuel will be providing us with a pre-taped video where he will share traditional Nigerian songs, a bit about his experience growing up in Nigeria, and how his love of music began, and Shina will join us live to accompany Emmanuel's prerecorded performances on the talking drum.

African music: We will continue where we left off last year, learning the Nigerian song as a school, BIMO BIMO KAN BO DAGBA, for a few minutes during each group class. The link for the music words and video from Emmanuel is below for anyone wanting to also work on it at home. Did you know that I have traveled to Africa twice to teach music in a little school in Nairobi, Kenya? A big part of why we are focusing on Africa and African music this year is because of the connection I made on my trip with the Lovely One's Primary School. Our schools have continued to work on projects together over the last few years, and our end-of-year concert is part of a cultural exchange program we are working on together with Emmanuel! I can’t wait to tell you more in the coming months!

Join the school-wide African Safari Practicing Adventure, as a school and with your teacher to prepare for the spring concert.

Click HERE to learn more and for your first adventure.

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