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#62 Join the “African Safari Practicing Adventure” - part 1 of 6

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

By Christy | The Practicing Pro

Read the Blog HERE and get your FREE first African Safari Practicing (1 of 6) Adventures.

You can also Watch / Listen to the Live HERE where I share HOW I happened to find myself teaching music in a remote Kipsigis village quite suddenly one day 6 years ago!

Link to join the email list so that you don't miss any of the 6 adventures.

Did you know that I have traveled to Africa twice to teach music in a little school in Nairobi, Kenya? Each time I visited there, I was able to go on a safari. It was INCREDIBLE!!! Over the next few months, I would like to invite you ALL to go on an "African Safari Practicing Adventure" with me! I will be sharing with you all of my stories about my trip where I was fortunate enough to live with and teach some amazing Kenyan people and children. The whole practicing activity is inspired by these personal stories and I can’t wait to share a few of them with you.

It is HUGE! We are going to have such an adventure together as practicing parents and teachers, together with your young musicians.

I have created a practicing activity inspired by the 100-day challenge but it can be 22 days long, 37 days long, 52 days long, or up to 100 days. You can choose. The 100 days are broken into 6 different challenges so you can do a few or all 6.

Here is the first adventure. I will release the next part to you every few weeks so that as a teacher or parent, you can always keep ahead of your students in your preparation.

Four goals for this project are:

  1. Make it EASY for practicing parents and teachers. YOU ARE BUSY! The only thing you need to do is print the PDF each week and give them to your students. You can also have them follow the project (all they need to do is click on the link in my BIO called “African Safari Practicing Activity”)

  2. To have FUN and really inspire your musicians to practice.

  3. To teach your children more about Africa and the continent’s many cultures

  4. To inspire teachers and parents to learn more about others and celebrate their differences by using music as a medium.

All you do is print the next segment once the last one is completed. There is an award at the end of each segment to affix to your practice adventure chart, as well as a musical activity.

There are sometimes a few options for the activities based on age and level.

Practicing parents:

Click on the link to receive the activities directly by joining my weekly email list. That way you won't miss one.

Practicing teachers:

You can either:

  1. Print the activities for your students each week and give them to them in their lessons. I suggest you give them ONE of the 6 segments at a time so they will be motivated and excited to finish one and move on to the next one.

  2. Send out in a newsletter the link to join the” African Safari Practicing Activity” and let them know your whole studio will be participating. I have included a link HERE for an easy copy/paste email template and a beautiful PDF poster for you to use to make it even faster.

How to join and share:


PDF to print for the first adventure.

How is your child motivated to practice? I'll be covering so many ways in the "African Safari Practicing Activity", that children can be motivated in this one activity. Plan to join me now, in your homes or in your music studios!

I know you all want to be super-practicing parents and teachers. There will be less arguing or whining in your practices and your child will be more motivated to practice and have more FUN.

I know you want positive, effective, and fun music practices.

I know you are all VERY busy. So I've got you on this one! The work is done.

It's time to go on an “Africa Safari Practice Adventure!" See you there!

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