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Group class instructions for lessons this Weekend / Top tips for Online lesson success from Christy

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Group Classes this weekend

Group Classes this weekend at the Scotia Suzuki School Of Music will continue as previously scheduled using ZOOM. How do I attend my classes? 1) Go to the student portal page on our school website Scotia 2) On the student portal page click on the red button of your discipline. Check out the new SECE red button! 3) Double check the TIME of your group class as well as the group you are in as we have had to make a few small adjustments. Re-check the dates for your group so you don’t miss one. They are also on your studio helper. Note there are some ADDED group classes on Saturday April 4th in place of the postponed Concert. 4) Click on the ZOOM LINK provided a few minutes before your group class and wait to be admitted. Do not come late. Come early to the groups before to review if you can….and stay later into groups to hear what’s coming up. 5) Always be tuned for group class with a tuner. See you soon!
Top 4 Online Student Tips from Christy 1) Position your computer/ tablet (like the top two photos) and angle it either straight on or from just above your student. When it comes from below the teacher can’t see your student as well. 2) Parents please don’t talk during the lesson to your child to help them out in the side lines. Your talking cancels out with your child’s sounds and makes a negative space of sound at your teachers end. The child learns better with ONE teacher to focus on so only help when the teacher asks or if working with a Pretwinkler use your hands to physically make an adjustment instead of talking. 3) For wiggly students create a space that’s small with no distractions (like Amelias parents did in the photo below)  4) For SECE and younger students – put  away and out of sight any toys and distractions. For SECE use a blanket and ask them to tell their feet to stay on the blanket. Hide and put out of reach the objects you will use in the class until they are needed. This makes a surprise as well as make it so that they don’t get distracted and use them too early.  4) During your lesson ask everyone else in the house to be Not streaming on the Internet  and extra quiet for your student to learn the most. EVERYONE IS DOING SO WELL! THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND EFFORTS!
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