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Practice Binder Resources Updated To Print At Home


Due to our new Health guidelines, paper handouts are now discouraged and kept to a minimum at the school. This means that parents/adult students  WILL NEED TO PRINT  your own students weekly practice sheets for their binder now AND your review/upgrade sheets AT HOME.  You can find these sheets on your Student Portal Page on the button “BINDER RESOURCES”

Please print a few weeks worth and put in your binder for your FIRST LESSON. Let me or your teacher know before your lesson if you have any questions about this. If you don’t have a printer at home the Halifax Public  Library has 50 free printed sheets a month program that you can sign up for. (See quick link below for Central Library copy information)

All students receive a Suzuki Practice Binder when starting 

For a new student, the cost is $10 each binder and a family can share one if they would like. Bring it each week to lessons for the PARENT to take notes in each week. Don't forget your pencil and Suzuki Book as well. 

PRINT YOUR OWN Weekly Practice sheets and upgrade/review sheets 

All sheets are found on our school web site. Let us know if you are not sure which ones to print or have any questions at all. 

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