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Special School Wide Christmas ZOOM Concert Series

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Special School Wide Christmas Concert


Share your music with others!

December 19th/20th,  We are running a ZOOM Christmas Concert Series

Let your teacher know if you would like to be involved.

Pick out a performance-ready Suzuki song (one that you have previously performed in 2020). If you have also been preparing a Christmas song you can present that in addition to your Suzuki song. 

Invite a special relative, neighbor, or friend that might be sad or lonely this Holiday season. Try to think of someone special who really needs a gift of music this year.

You can also of course invite your regular guests like Grandma / Grandpa, other friends, and family. 

Parents, please take this opportunity to teach your children to reach out of their comfort zone and invite a neighbor you don't know very well on your street, invite a close or distant relative you know is alone that doesn't get many visitors, or even invite the lady who works at the grocery check out! Spread some happiness with music and watch your musician see and feel the JOY that sharing their music with others can bring. 

Email me if you would like me to make you an E -INVITE  for you to send to someone. You can also print it and deliver it to them. I would be more than happy to help you out with this!

Have fun teaching your children that they can spread joy this Holiday season with their music and make people happy.

Merry Christmas!


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