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SSS / News – June 16th 2017

June 16th, 2017

Dear Suzuki Families,

It is with great pleasure that I and the staff of the Suzuki School would like to make an EXCITING announcement about the grand opening of the Scotia Suzuki School of Music! This new independent school will be opening in our own space located at 6141 Chebucto Road, right next door to the Conservatory, for September 1st, 2017 (in the church community hall of the Saint Antonios Antiochian Orthodox Church). If you look out the window of room 12 at the Conservatory (where Ms Christy teaches and where where we had our Suzuki concerts this year) its the rectangle grey building connected to the big church and across from the Needs store. ITS SO CLOSE!

All Scotia Suzuki School players will be by TUITION next year which means one easy monthly payment on line through our new web site. Go to the registration page. I will send you your name a password to register as soon as it is up and running.

We have regrettably outgrown the available space at the Conservatory. Though we will miss the Conservatory, we mutually understand that they can no longer accommodate our growth. We look forward to continuing to collaborate in projects over the years to come. Our close proximity will remain convenient for families that will continue to participate in other Conservatory programming. You can all park in the beautiful 40 space parking lot at our new Suzuki school, for your Suzuki Lessons, and please feel happy to go across the street and enjoy your wonderful classes in addition at the conservatory. I encourage you to please keep up your participation at the Conservatory in your dance studies, kindermusic, vocal, musical theater, chamber orchestra, theory ETC… Everything at our new school compliments whats happening at the Conservatory and brings hundreds of families together to a new “HUB” of family music/dance activity to the end of Chebucto road in Halifax.

New Additions to the NS Suzuki School and space

NSYO – Nova Scotia Youth Orchestra (this has been my dream to share a space with them!)

Suzuki guitar (Luke Fraser, Montreal)

Suzuki piano (Julia Bowdring, Nfld)

Suzuki violin (Caitlin Johnson)

Suzuki violin (Sara Frank)

Suzuki violin (Mrugakshee Palwe)

Highland and Step dance (Marla MacInnis, Micayla)

Academic tutoring (Halifax Learning)

Halifax Enguardian Fencing Club

Edgett Social dance

Its a full house Space of wonderful song, music and dance in the new Scotia Suzuki School space!

Continuing/Expanding NS Suzuki School Programs

Suzuki violin, viola, cello, piano, and flute. (available for children and NOW PARENTS)

Ensemble Groups – the Chamber music and Theory programs will be expanding next year.

Performance Groups (NSYA, Jr. Performance Group)


Please note: All registration for SUMMER 2017 lessons and 2017 NS Suzuki Institute will remain at the Conservatory.

Registration for September 2017 classes will be ONLINE ONLY with our new registration software program accessed through our SCOTIA SUZUKI SCHOOL OF MUSIC WEB SITE.

You have all already received your times and days for next year last month. I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN WE ARE READY TO REGISTER ON OUR NEW PROGRAM.

A registration fee (a single annual fee per registrant) is applied at the time of registration. Fees will go to a yearly all inclusive tuition that you can pay all at once or with a monthly payment plan on line. It will include all costs for the program. Additional fees over the course of the year, if/as required, may include piano fees for accompaniment/festivals/exam. Fees are similar to last years.

Celebrating /Communicating

Ill keep you informed and updated on the wonderful things happening at our very own school on the @scotiasuzukischool Face Book page and regular Scotia Suzuki School emails over the summer. New teacher introductions, new partnerships and collaborating groups that we will be sharing the building space with will be featured each week. Sign up for the Face Book page if you have not already to stay in the loop.

At our new school website all Suzuki news letters (like this one) are on the blog page you you can always find them for reference.

Let me know if you have any questions at all. I am happy to answer them.

Cheers Christy Hodder Director of the Scotia Suzuki School of Music 6141 Chebucto Road, Lebanese Cultural Hall, Halifax (sept 1st, 2017) STOTT Pilates Instructor, Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts

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