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SSS – news / Aug 2nd week – 2017

SEPTEMBER REGISTRATION – is due August 25th The new Scotia Suzuki Studio registration program / student portal is now open. You should have all received a welcome letter. If not please contact me. Just to clarify the invoice you are receiving is for your Septembers tuition plus the one time yearly registration fee. The years tuition is split into ten monthly online payments. Once we all get the hang of our new web site and studio program it will be a wonderful way to communicate and always stay connected. Please email me with ANY questions at all. Let me know if you have any concerns and I will try to adrss them with Cathy, the administrator for the registration site. Changes can take an adjustment period but having our very own school is so very exciting for us all and worth it!

BUSKING THIS WEEKEND – to add to the Suzuki Piano fund We have two pianos but still need one more. Please come out and busk with us to be a part of setting up our new school. Its a great time to see suzuki friends and review your fiddle / beginning suzuki pieces with a Suzuki teacher too! The times to meet are 6pm friday /12pm sat and 6pm sat – the location is upper parking lot at point pleasant park. Please sign up on the following google doc for busking

NSYO SUMMER CONCERT Check out our neighbors in our new school – the NSYO and try to attend their summer concert. image1.jpeg

NS SUZUKI INSTITUTE A WONDERful SUCCESS Institute was full this year! Next year we will cap the registration at 60 players and so plan to attend now and prepare to register early as it will be full. Students have come from many places this year – and we have made new friends! Hip Hop with Caleb (from Arizona) to violin tunes, and jazz violin with Andrew (from Toronto) have been two of the top elective picks from the institute students! The end of institute Ceilidh / CB square set dance showed a sampler of some of the fiddle/electives at the institute on saturday night August 12th at 6:30pm. The special guests at the dance were Andrew Dawdychack and Luke Fraser (our new Suzuki school guitar teacher). The Institute faculty performed with the students. The Suzuki group class work will be featured on friday at 4:30pm in a concert. It was an AMAING WEEK! Thank you to everyone that contributed to make this even so successful.

Cheers Christy Hodder Director of the Scotia Suzuki School of Music 6141 Chebucto Road, Lebanese Cultural Hall, Halifax (sept 1st, 2017) STOTT Pilates Instructor, Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts

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