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SSSM news – Feb week 1

Amazing Shane Cook / NSYA / SSSM Concert Thanks to all of the faculty at SSSM, students and parents who worked so hard to make the concerts and workshops with Shane Cook possible and so wonderful! Here is a video from Elsa highlighting a few parts of the show. Footage is from the afternoon show but the first clip of the large group is from the evening show. Video highlight link:

The Chickens are Here! The little baby chicks have arrived at our chicken farm in Kenya! It’s so exciting to see them running around and making little chirps! What an exciting project. We are getting so close but there are still some chickens left that need purchasing. If you didn’t get yours yet we still need a few more to have owners! Video link:

Practice Binder Program in Full Swing! Congratulations to the SSSM students who are using their Practice binders! Parents are bringing their binders to lessons and filling out the practice sheets during the lessons. Teachers are teaching lessons giving to parents through out the lesson specific practice requests to note. Students and parents are using the practice sheets daily to check off their daily listening, scales, 6 upgrade pieces, nugget practicing etc….Use stickers on occasion or make little challenges for your players (example 100 checks and we will get an ice cream and have an afternoon at your favorite park…etc…) This practice system will help you to practice more effectively and have more success with less effort! Yay!

Free Symphony NS tickets for Thursday Feb 7th

The SNS has offered free concert tickets to Thursday’s concert (link below). I need to collect a list of names and number of tickets by this Wednesday night. The tickets will be available at the Symphony Boutique in the lobby (not the box office) just before the concert on Thursday night.

Link for more information about the concert:

French Masterpieces by Fauré and Ravel

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