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Students perform with SNS / save the dates for big SSSM concerts

Students Louisa and Indi Represent Scotia Suzuki School of Music at Symphony NS concert series
Senior students Louisa and Indi will perform vocal / violin solos of O Canada With Symphony Nova Scotia’s FAMILY SERIES: NOVA SCOTIA’S GOT TALENT! Click the button for information to attend one of these five free concerts open to the public. The last two are on Tuesday January 21st at 1:30/3 pm at the Central Halifax library. More about the concerts
BIG SCHOOL CONCERT dates to “save” on your Calender A reminder To find the big and small concerts / events at the school as well as group class dates – go to the student portal page on the school web site and hit the BLUE CALENDER BUTTON. You can also see book concerts and big concerts on your Studio Helper Calendar. Talk to your teachers to be clear on the ones you are involved in. A Few to note: April 4th 2/6pm Fiddle and Guest Concerts May 2nd Photos / dress rehearsal May 9th 6pm All school Spring Concert May 23rd 4pm Piano Showcase May 23rd 7pm Senior Showcase June 6 step/fiddle Concerts Quick link to Blue Button: Blue Button on Student Portal page – quick link
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