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Summer Private Lesson Registration

Summer Private Lesson Registration Opens TODAY

See the BLUE button below for link to sign up for summer private lessons,

Why are summer lessons so important? It is so important that students keep up their music practice during the summer. This is not only crucial for enhancing their learning experience but also for increasing their success in the upcoming year. By keeping up their practice routine, they can prevent the loss of their skills over the summer and avoid the disappointment of feeling rusty when they return again for lessons in September. Summer also provides a great opportunity for students to undertake a special project or try something new!

How do summer lessons work? Our summer lessons consist of a six-lesson bundle, and we'll send you an invoice and a link to register for your preferred teacher after you've signed up. Keep in mind that not all teachers are available for summer lessons, then we recommend trying a new teacher for the summer. You should already have received your schedule for September 2023, including your teacher, day, and time. If you haven't it's coming today or tomorrow!

Summer lesson ideas: Learn the next Suzuki song in your book. Review and upgrade your pieces for a fall book concert. Work on a sight reading or shifting challenge (ask your teacher) Learn a favourite movie theme song or pop song Try some composing Learn to play the guitar or Ukelele Play duets with your teacher or another student Try some singing lessons Learn a hip-hop dance or take step dance lessons. Learn a new fiddle set!

NOTE: At the end of the summer, students can participate in the first concert of the year where they can choose TWO pieces to perform.

A special message from Ms Christy

Listen up! Put on your earbuds and tune into this mini-lesson filled with plenty of ideas on how to have a successful summer practice. If you prefer, you can also watch the video or check out the school parents Blog page for more information.

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