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Triple Feature / Listening Activity


Netflix tonight? NO WAY!

The Scotia Suzuki School is the place to tune in instead!

5:30PM Coen Book 2 Violin

6:30PM Jack Book 3 Violin

7:30 PM Aisha - Musical Theater Solo Concert

How to join?

1) Go to the school website

2) Go to Student Portal Page

3) Click on the Solo Concert Button

4) Click on the Saturday zoom link

5) Programs are at the bottom of the page to download


School-wide Valentines - Listening Activity

When you sign in at the door this week, you will receive a special Valentine's listening activity from me! You just need to listen to your Suzuki CD (or for dance/musical theater your songs your teacher asks you to listen to daily) After you listen through 10 times, I have a special treat included for you :) Happy Valentines Season! (you can also click on the image to download and print - for any siblings or ZOOM students)

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