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#22 Valentine's Themed Listening Chart

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

By Christy | The Practicing Pro

A fun and easy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids this year is to check out this Practice or Listening Practicing chart for kids! Listen to your Suzuki CD for the Suzuki Book (or songs) you are presently working on 10 times or for 10 days. Check off 10 hearts for a Valentine’s treat!

Learning music through the Suzuki Method can be compared to learning a language. Before you begin speaking, it is very important to hear the language spoken every day. Listening to your CD every day drastically affects your memory. When you are bombarded with the constant repetition of the pieces you are playing, the music engraves itself into your memory without you even knowing it.

Even if you are not in a Suzuki music program, it’s exactly the same. If you listen over and over to your pieces before you play them, you will learn so much faster, memorize them easier, remember them longer and perform without memory slips!

Simply put, LISTENING to your music is more important than practicing it! Did you know that? It’s TRUE!!! It’s actually better to listen to the music over and over for a week first, before starting to learn a piece, then to just jump in and start sight-reading, or learning it a phrase at a time.

Listening charts can help motivate you to listen daily. Make a reward at the end of your chart that you are excited about. Since you are going to listen every day anyways why not add a fun twist and celebrate at the end of your goal.

There are two ways to listen and both are EXCELLENT!

1) Active listening:

It’s great to listen and follow along with the music so you can see how the sound translates into the score.

2) Passive listening:

It’s also great to put on the CD as background while you are doing other activities, this way the music reaches your subconscious.

Here is a ten times (or ten days) Valentine's listening chart for February.

Valentine's Themed Chart 
Valentine's Chart - FREE pdf download


Did you know that listening daily to your Suzuki CD is actually even more important than actually practicing?


Well, it's TRUE!

Listen to your Suzuki CD for the Suzuki Book (or songs) you are presently working on 10 times or for 10 days. Make sure you are in the room the whole time.

Color in a numbered heart.

After 10 listens you get to enjoy your valentine's treat.

You will also learn faster and easier. WOW! Have fun and Happy Valentine's Day!

- Christy


Once you have filled in all 10 heart take a picture with it completed! I would love it if you would send me your photo! It always makes me so happy to see how hard you're working!

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