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#67 Bass Clef, Footprints & What do Children in Kenya eat? - "African Practicing Adventure" 4/6

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

By Christy | The Practicing Pro

Read the Blog HERE and get your FREE African Safari Practicing Adventure (4 of 6).

It's time to release level FOUR of the "African Safari Practicing Adventure".

To get the awards and activities for all of the previous levels, and not miss the last two, you can join here and I'll email them all to you.

If you have finished level THREE and are ready for your award and to proceed on to the next adventure - level FOUR: Hurray! Great work! The award for completing your level three is…



This is what it looks like in the PDF - just print, cut out and glue or tape on.

The activity sheets are "Whose Footprints?" and "Bass clef: What do children in Kenya eat?" PDF. Fun right?

For teachers of parents with multiple children practicing at home, I made a sheet with MULTIPLE zebras for you to save paper and make it easy.

Let’s take a look at the two activities a little closer.

Here is your NEW Level 4 to get started on. I wonder what the award will be for level #4?

Did you know that our school is learning a song from Nigeria this year? We have a special guest coming in named Emmanuel Solomon and his friend Shina who plays the talking drum. I met Emmanuel through the music program at Dalhousie. Although he lives in Canada now, he is originally from Nigeria. He just completed his music degree with vocal performance as his major. Now he is starting his Masters and is doing a project on traditional music in Africa. It’s safe to say he is very knowledgeable on music theory and traditional Nigerian music!

Emmanuel and Shina come to the school once a month on our Suzuki Saturdays when we have our group classes. They both help me to teach all of the children the song “Bee moe bee​ maw Kan bo dabah” so that we can sing it all together at the end of the year in a big concert. They travel class to class every 10-15 minutes to teach the song to each group, all day long. This is a song about parents sending their children to school so they can learn. Quite fitting for our students who are learning about music at our music school! All of the children and the parents are learning it in each class. It’s such an amazing experience to be at our school on the days that Emmanuel and Shina teach, as you can hear this joyful song echoing through the halls as over 200 students, teachers, and parents learn to sing it throughout the day. We had a fun surprise last time. Shina walked into the book 1B class as they were playing Perpetual motion and spontaneously played along on the talking drum - we had a jam!

We will be presenting the song as a whole school at the end of May with Emmanuel and Shina. We can’t wait! There are some other surprises I also can’t wait to share with you as well! So stay tuned for those in next week's blog live (link at the top) where I will be sharing all about it! (I'll give you a hint - it's about telling time in a village where no one wears a watch and most don't carry a phone with them to check.)

Send me a photo of any of your levels completed. When you do, we can share it right here. By sharing, you can encourage others with your hard work!

Remember, this is a do-at-your-own-pace activity. If you miss a day, you don't start over. Just continue on and try again the next day. You can do this!!!

Click on the link for level one and get started on this project if you haven't already yet. If you have finished level three and you are ready for level FOUR alright then, here it is!

In a few weeks, look for level FIVE. See you then!

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